Weirdo Budapest – 27/01/2020. ,1st year, 6th edition

Offbeat Budapest by Thermal Beerspa

Welcome to our 6th edition of the weirdo, authentic, flamboyant Budapest adventures!
Here we go again:

We lose winter in degrees

Rainforest during winter? Hell yes! Twentysix is a new place in the concrete jungle covered with “thousands” of plants, and the “normal” temperature there is 26 degrees. There are no seasons anymore just the Mediterranean summer vibe throughout the whole year. They have 4 parts: GARDEN where you can organize your Dinner plans; SHOP where you can buy gourmet & delicatessen stuff; HOUSE is a place which you can rent for different occasions; STUDIO where they organize various types of Yoga. Make your reservation fast, because everybody wants a tiny bit of summer in this freezing cold.

The year of the RAT

Do you guys fancy a real exotic experience in Budapest? Go and explore our Chinatown. Budapest has the largest Chinese community in Eastern Europe. They have 15 authentic restaurants some with Michelin stars, three Asian supermarkets, and other cultural programs. The Night market is open from March until September from 17:00, where you can get familiar with culinary specialties such as bubble tea, seafood, hot pots, yakitori courses. They will have a Gastro fest at the beginning of February where you can take a peek on how this wonderful culture operates in Budapest!


Escaping reality is always a good idea. A VR (Virtual Reality) amusement park opened its doors. It is the first one in Hungary and the biggest one in Europe so far. Their games are non-identical. You just put the glasses up and find yourself in a game, where you can get to know dinosaurs, fight with each other, rescue a princess, fight in a war, etc. It is a peculiar place for all ages.

Sailing thru grocery

Lehel Csarnok (Piac) looks like a huge boat from a distance. Inside this postmodern boat, groceries are blooming. Fresh vegetables, meat, fruits. There are some clothing stores also. You will meet there a lot of old ladies with their “Banyatanks” (wheeled shopping trolly bags), families, students, all types. Some things might be more expensive according to being homemade. Shop there for the best meals for your loved ones!

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