Weirdo Budapest – 10/01/2020. ,1st year, 5th edition

Offbeat Budapest by Thermal Beerspa

Welcome to our 5th edition of the weirdo, authentic, flamboyant Budapest adventures!
Here we go again:

The touch of Baklava

Nagy Diófa utca “possesses” a more than sweet Persian pastry-shop called Iran cukrászda (کافه قنادی ایران). Mr. Fereydan, who owns the shop put his soul, mind, and heart in it. The shop’s superpower is making specific Iranian sweets, which barely existed in Budapest before. It is unique and exotic. The shop is small, some pictures, writings on the wall, reminding Mr.Fereydan of his hometown. He measures the pastries by the kilogram and they are at a very reasonable price. So we would suggest that you take a bite from the Iranian toothsome culture.

Highway to Hell

Vocal Rock Bistro is a new place near Lágymányosi Campus or BME University. It is a pretty new place making sure you rock ‘n’ roll all the time. Guns ‘n’ Roses, Lemmy, The Cure, Ramones, and many others cover the walls of this place. According to the chef: ” It is a simple pub, with a hell of a good rock music and way better food to serve. So while you are either drinking craft beers (there are other drinks obviously) or eating mostly Hungarian food(same goes here), you are listening to the Gods of Rock! It’s a must-go spot because the price list is cheap, the quality of food is five stars, plus as Starship says ” We built this city on R’n’R!”

Smack my Stress level down

Budapest Wrecking Room is waiting for all of us so we would be sans Stress. Close to Nyugati train station, we can find this “clinic” where we can manage our mental health with no consequences. Even if you are worried about the environment Ádám and Bettina after the session select the leftover trash so it is “Green” to smash a TV. They take donations for the one time items that costumers use, so just bring there your broken things and if you are sad about them just blow them apart! They take their job seriously. If you are too drunk they won’t let you in, there are cameras inside and you get the tape after your “session” via email, you get the right equipment and gear which they prepare you for. Take it or leave it but even tho whack it real hard!

Tiny Inception

SZIA + is a thrift shop inside a thrift shop on Budafoki út. Let us explain. There is a part of the shop which is a regular thrift shop. The other side of this place is working also as a thrift shop, but the things they sell there like socks, hats, sunglasses, patches and so many other stuff are made by local designers. Bogi and Marci made this workroom happen and they expended their partnerships with other artists. The place is kinda heaven on earth. You might say that it is all hipster but we really think everybody can find their piece there. Sometimes they organize small events like there will be free alcohol plus -20% off their clothes. We would describe this place as a small but precious part of the cheap but outstanding fashion world.

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5th edition
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