Weirdo Budapest – 18/02/2020. ,1st year, 7th edition

Offbeat Budapest by Thermal Beerspa

Welcome to our 7th edition of the weirdo, authentic, flamboyant Budapest adventures!
We went a bit classy on this one because from time to time we all need a little pampering.
Here we go again:

The old man and the river

There is a first-class restaurant called Halászbástya étterem, at the Fishermans Bastion which you probably researched before, but if not, then it is part of the Buda castle where you can have an astonishing view on the city. Its history goes way back, but the place itself opened in 2010 with a gastronomical universe. “Quality and Creativity” – is their motto, as they mix traditional with international cuisine which is a mind-blow in itself! Imagine adding a third wheel to the list, like a view on the Danube, the Parlament, etc. and you get the perfect combination. Definitely worth a try!

I am sailiiiiiing

You probably heard about boats in Budapest which are used as public transport mostly or just in general boats. Well, there is one, which stands still, on the Danube and called the Grand Jules. If you are a definite lover of water or boats you should reserve a room to have an exclusive sleeping place in our city. The location is perfect. The view is perfect. The price is reasonable. There is no way you can resist a night on a boat!

I’ve thought one week of Mama only.

PIM which is Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum is a contemporary art museum named after a great poet Petőfi Sándor. It was founded in 1954. Their mission is to gather all kinds of literature, new, old, and make exhibitions from it, to show compassion on every level and for you just to have a place where you can adore, discover literature itself. They have events in English as well. I would suggest you to see the Csáth Géza exhibition because he was a player. You can find out much more information on their site below. Dive into the Hungarian Literature scene!

Own design

Hakuna Matata

Let us introduce you to Leo. Leo is a rooftop bar located on Clark Ádám tér near Chain bridge. The lions on this bridge are probably sculpted after Leo. As we know Leo is a bartender and a gourmé so he welcomes us, encourages us to bring friends to his place, clink glasses with him while watching the city from a top! Visit Leos crib and hang out, relax, enjoy the view.

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7th edition
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