Weirdo Budapest – 05/03/2020. ,1st year, 8th edition

Offbeat Budapest by Thermal Beerspa

Welcome to our 8th edition of the weirdo, authentic, flamboyant Budapest adventures!
Here we go again:

One-click away

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be not to carry thousands of bags home after shopping? or you felt sick and bearly moving but you still gotta eat something and the fridge is empty? or how is your grandma/grandpa is gonna manage carrying those shopping bags up the stairs? Well, thought of everything! An Online Supermarket where you can do your shopping list online and they will deliver, bring it up the stairs even. There is now a new function of theirs called the Drive-in where u can pick up what u order. How generous! They try to go even no-waste with products going bad in a few days so they are on sale. Best idea yet! Go to their site and enjoy a different kind of shopping with lots of comforts.

Shake it – Shake it babe

Sugarhigh you said? Waffle you said? Shakes and smoothies you said? Lemonade you said? Premium Belgian Hot/Cold Chocolate you said? The name is Ahoy. The place where you can get them all. From fresh fruits to sugarfree lemonades to sandwiches you can choose from various delicate drinks and food menu. Go and purchase yourself a hell of an anti-depressant!

Ribbit – Ribbit – Ribbit

Near Oktogon you can find the perfect tea house called the Green Turtle Cave. The place looks spectacular. It has three levels with different rooms. The rooms have kayaks in it as seats. If you decide they even have Shisha, also you can reserve szeparé (which is a bigger part of a table like a “box”) or private rooms. It is a real indigenous experience with various tea types. The architecture of the place is awesome if you are into these kinds of things and Tea of course.

Weather with us

Spring is comin’ and there is a little park thingy where you can chill it all away. It is near to the famous Szabó Ervin library. There is a café called Lumen awaiting you with little folding chairs and tables so you can let the sunshine in. Actually there is two Lumens,a smaller and a bigger one. The “bigger” Lumen has an excellent concert venue with various artists/genres. They serve craft beers, experimental vegan meals, club-maté, and most important self-roasted coffee. They are one of the places which tries to establish a warm welcome to us all. Visit them so you can get a sip of their beauty!

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8th edition
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