Gift cards can be purchased for our Beer Spas.
The voucher can be redeemed for up to two years after the date of purchase.

The voucher entitles the owner to one session at the Thermal Beer Spa in Széchenyi or Lukács Baths. It can be used on any Beer Bath product.

After the purchase, we will send the voucher by e-mail with a coupon code with which the recipient can book an appointment on our website.

Beer Spa session for 1 person: 19.500 HUF
Beer Spa session for 2 persons: 39.000 HUF
Beer Spa session for 2 persons + Lukács ticket: 50.200 Ft

Beer Spa session for 2 persons + Széchenyi ticket: 61.300 HUF

Az ajándékutalvány címzettje / send the giftcard to:

Címzett adatai / recipient
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