Bucket List for Autumn – Budapest Edition

VII. Sekler Cake Festival #sweetstime Sekler or chimney cake is a characteristic Hungarian cake made from sweet, yeast dough, rolled in granulated sugar. Can be topped with ground walnut or powdered cinnamon, braver ones can fill it even with ice cream – the sky is the limit! https://kurtoskalacsfesztival.hu/7th-sekler-cake-fest World Press Photo Exhibition 2019 #culturetime You … Read more

Széchenyi Thermal Bath – then and now

Széchenyi Thermal Bath is o­ne of the largest spa complexes in Europe. Previous posts were written with the intention to introduce the virtue of thermal waters, and now we would like to present Hungary’s most well-known spa via photos taken in the 20th century. The popular Fortepan digital photo-archives was the starting point of our … Read more

About thermal waters -3 +1 different ways of application

A natural occurring water requires a temperature of a minimum of 20°C when emerging from the spring to be defined as “thermal”, and must contain at minimum amount of 1 g dissolved minerals per liter according to German regulations. Previous post provided an overall insight on thermal waters. In the following you can read about … Read more

About thermal waters – in general

The capital of Hungary – Budapest – is a world known famous spa centre with numerous thermal baths.  Budapest is one of the three capitals in Europe along with Reykjavik (Iceland) and Sofia (Bulgary), that was formed around thermal water sources in ancient times. In the vicinity of the Danube more than 100 thermal springs … Read more

Beauty and the beer

As summer is here one may think that having a mug of beer can only quench your thirst. Besides the numerous advantages inside the body the beer can be useful for beauty hunters as well. In the following you can read 3 alternative ways of beer „consumption”. Do not spill it!Imagine a hot summer day … Read more

Cool & Cheap Ways To Discover Budapest

If you want to have cool sightseeing tours in Budapest try these 4 ways to explore the city! Budapest is said to be a cheap destination so why would you spend thousands on sightseeing tours when you can discover the city with only one daily ticket. The 24-hour travelcard for the public transportation costs 1 … Read more

It’s National World Water Day: Water for all!

It’s the National World Water Day which is held  each year on the 22th of March. It’s purpose is to raise awareness on the importance of water.   This amazing natural resource is what keeps us alive. This years slogan is: “Water for everyone!” Budapest has several thermal baths the resource they  use is the  … Read more

Relaxing in a sauna, top 5 health benefits

Sauna’s are getting more and more popular by day all over the world. Where does it come from we ask? The origin is mainly attributed to Europe and to the Nordic region. Finnish sauna culture is well-established and recognised.  Saunas are small houses or rooms designed for having heat sessions, which can be dry or … Read more

Drinking beer, is it good for you?

Have you ever wondered if beer is any good for you? Beer is one of the oldest and most popular drink what we consume.  Beer is recorded in ancient archaeological evidence and it’s success  still remains.  So we gathered some information on this golden liquid how does it benefit our health.  Here you can read … Read more