Széchenyi BeerSpa (no Széchenyi entrance included)
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Széchenyi BeerSpa (no Széchenyi entrance included)

At the moment the Széchenyi Beerspa can only be visited with a valid day ticket to Széchenyi Spa.
Choose this ticket option if you have already bought a ticket to Széchenyi Spa.

We await our guests in our BeerSpa inside Szechenyi Baths, where you can relax in our wooden tubs filled with thermal water plus the beer ingredients that we mix inside the water, while you tap yourself a cold unlimited amount of Czech beer.

Ez a termék átmenetileg nem elérhető. Sörfürdő jegy vásárlása esetén a helyszínen segítünk a fürdőbelépő vásárlásában.
Dear Customer! This product is currently not available. Please buy the BeerSpa at Lukacs product instead. If you also like Lukacs bath ticket we help you in the spot