Beerspa and Széchenyi Bath Tickets
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Beerspa and Széchenyi Bath Tickets

Széchenyi Spa is the most famous spa in Budapest for good reason.
It boasts 18 pools, 3 outside, as well as various temperature steam rooms and saunas.

You can book a combined ticket with us so you get one full day to enjoy Széchenyi Spa as well as the Beer Spa.

Our hosts will greet you at the entrance of Széchenyi Spa then show you around and show you to a changing room where you leave your belongings as they are locked by a personal proxy watch. It’s up to you what time you wish to have your Beer Spa session and whether it is before or after visiting the main spa, or in the middle! When the time comes for your Beer Spa session, one of our staff will meet you at an arranged point then escort you to the Beer Spa.

You have 45 minutes to soak up the dry beer ingredients mixed with fresh thermal water while drinking as much beer as you like from the taps beside the tub. After your session our staff will escort you back inside Széchenyi where you can stay until closing if you choose.

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Dear Customer! This product is currently not available. Please buy the BeerSpa at Lukacs product instead. If you also like Lukacs bath ticket we help you in the spot