Beerspa giftcard for 2 people | Thermal Beer Spa
Beerspa giftcard
for 2 people
  • utalvany

Beerspa giftcard
for 2 people

All prices include one session of BeerSpa and a 1 day ticket for Széchenyi Thermal Bath! The BeerSpa is located inside the Széchenyi Bath. The duration of one BeerSpa session is 45 minutes. With this purchase you will be able to enjoy all the facilities of Széchenyi Thermal Bath before or after taking a BeerBath for the rest of the day. Please choose the date, tubs and number of persons!

You can now purchase Beerspa giftcard for your loved ones.

The giftcard includes fast track entry to Szechenyi Public Bath and one 45 minute session to the Thermal Beerspa with unlimited beer for 2 people.

The giftcard can be redeemed using the coupon code on our website.

The price of the Beerspa giftcard is 75 euro or 23.000 HUF.

Valid for one year from purchase.