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Our ancestors were already familiar with the benefits of the natural beer ingredients before modern society contemplated bathing in it. Nowadays, woman will often hear the benefits of giving their hair a beer rinse to ensure vitality and shine.

Even ancient Egyptians enjoyed the natural extract’s impact on the skin. We know that the tradition of brewing beer goes back until the middle-ages in Europe, which is when they started to brew beer as we know it today. This recipe of beer is exceptionally rich in vitamins and minerals.

We pour fresh 36 degree water into the tubs, along with a bowl of the natural extracts of beer. This mixture includes malt, hops and yeast; all of which are extremely high in B vitamins, oils and other healthy contents! The tubs are emptied and cleaned in between sessions so you can rest assured knowing you have your own fresh water to bathe in.

Your body will definitely thank you for this treat! The water mixture helps to rejuvenate your skin, reduce the appearence of acne and cellulite, and cleans your pores. It provides vitamins, sugars and proteins that help your body release muscle tension. It also reduces stress, improves blood circulation and eliminates damaging substances as well as increasing heart activity.

If you need to cure a hangover, ease fatigue or you just wish to treat yourself, a beer bath is the perfect choice.